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When will ERTH360 be for sale?

ERTH360 Air homes will be available first at Riverland by Empire Communities, opening June 2024.

Will you be giving tours?

Yes, the Empire x ERTH360 Discovery Home at the Empire Avalon community in Caledonia, Ontario will soon be open for tours, by appointment only Monday through Sunday. If you’re interested, please register here .

Are there upgrades available?

ERTH360 Air which includes a curated selection of products to improve indoor air quality. In the near future, additional offerings will also be available including a whole home dehumidifier, a whole home humidifier, and more.

Can ERTH360 ensure that I experience comfort and good health in my home on a daily basis?

Achieving comfort and good health in your home on a daily basis is as a result of many factors that include:

  1. Proper Ventilation: ERTH360 homes have adequate ventilation to promote fresh air circulation. We use exhaust fans, operable windows, and air filtration to maintain good indoor air quality.

  2. Temperature Control: ERTH360 homes maintain a comfortable temperature by using heating and cooling systems that suit your preferences. Smart programmable thermostats can help optimize energy usage and potentially save you money.

  3. Light: ERTH360 homes maximize natural light and offer additional operable windows to create a positive atmosphere. Well-lit spaces can improve mood and overall health. Consider using curtains or blinds to control the amount of light as needed.

  4. Safety Measures: ERTH360 homes are equipped with smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, to ensure both physical safety and peace of mind.

  5. Smart Technology: ERTH360 homes implement passive and mechanical smart home technologies to keep indoor temperatures and humidity at a comfortable level, improve energy efficiency and ensure water leaks are detected as early as possible.

How does ERTH360 improve indoor air quality in your homes?

Starting from the design stage, ERTH360 incorporates enhanced air filtration, balanced mechanical and natural ventilation, energy and water-efficient fixtures, and other features so you can rest assured your family will be living in a better home.

I’m concerned about the climate crisis. Will an ERTH360 home be a safe place for my family?

We are also very concerned about the climate crisis and its effect on ever-changing weather conditions. Although we cannot guarantee that any home will survive erratic and increasingly severe weather conditions, ERTH360 features several climate-conscious and resiliency measures including HEPA filtration system with active carbon that will filter smoke and odours, water efficient faucets, and other features.

Do you follow any building certification standards?

We are working on having every ERTH360 Air home third-party verified. ERTH360 Air homes offer a comprehensive series of improvements that go beyond those required by the building code.

What kind of research have you done to qualify your methods?

ERTH360 is based on the science of Building Biology, a holistic discipline that focuses on creating healthy indoor environments by considering factors such as indoor air quality, natural materials, and sustainability. It emphasizes, where possible, using non-toxic, natural building materials, and incorporating biophilic design principles. The ultimate goal is to prioritize human health and well-being in building design and construction.

Why are you not including solar panels?

We've chosen not to incorporate solar panels into our homes at this time due to cost considerations and the variability of sunlight in different locations. We believe in providing homeowners with flexibility to make their own sustainable choices based on their preferences and circumstances. We are currently in the process of designing and building our first Net Zero Discovery Home which includes ERTH360 features.

What is the easiest way to get more info about ERTH360?

Please follow us on our social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for real-time updates. We will also be updating our website with additional information regarding our program and community offerings. Finally, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive all updates.

This is more expensive than a typical home. How can I justify paying a premium?

We prefer to think of this as a small up-front investment. There are real financial costs associated with getting sick including medication, lost work opportunities, etc. We believe that building a home to enhance health and well-being can also lead to long-term improvements in quality of life, enhanced mood, increased productivity, heightened creativity, and more, all of which have financial implications. We are also working on introducing ERTH360 tiers so that you can decide what package best suits your needs from the most affordable to the most comprehensive.

This seems like a lot of maintenance. Is it difficult to operate these systems?

We not only provide all the necessary operating manuals and materials to ensure homeowners know exactly how their home systems work, but we also offer walk-throughs and orientation so builders and their home buyers have the knowledge to keep their home systems operational and properly running. We also provide regular maintenance checklists so there are no surprises. Operating your home requires some simple maintenance two to three times a year.

How do I know ongoing costs like filters and maintenance won't be overly expensive?

You can buy replacement filters online or through your preferred HVAC maintenance company. All the replacement items can also be bought online at competitive prices. Additionally, as a byproduct of our focus on enhanced energy efficiency, many of our home features like better water-saving fixtures and a balanced ventilation system save you money over the long term.

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