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Empire x ERTH360 Discovery Home

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The home was equipped with calibrated sensors in strategic locations to provide real time data measuring radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2, CO, temperature, humidity, and other gases. We made more than 50 design and material changes, many of which were inspired by biophilic design principles and by nature. The home is now completed and has been furnished with low-VOC and low-formaldehyde fixtures, finishes, and furniture. The home also includes plenty of living greenery.

Key Areas of Study

Empire and ERTH360 are using the home to test new technologies and features. The home will soon be available for experiments with academic programs to better understand the impact of these changes.

Key Areas of Improvement

01Water Infiltration
02Moisture Management
03Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
04Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)
06Smart Home Technologies including Sensors
Lifestyle of Empire Avalon Lifestyle of Empire Avalon
Discovery Home Tour

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