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ERTH360 was the product of more than five years of intensive research into the links between human health and built environments. Using the principles of Building Biology as the foundation, we developed a full-fledged philosophy for better building — solutions encompassing building improvements related to air quality, water, lighting, and sound.

Our first solution is ERTH360 Air which tackles one of the most critical areas impacting our health and well-being: the air we breathe. Future solutions will be developed on top of this solution to help our homes withstand more severe weather and make use of better, more sustainable materials. These are homes that are functionally enhanced and aesthetically elevated.

In 2020, we partnered with Empire Communities (“Empire”) to design and build our first concept home, the Empire x ERTH360 Discovery Home. This is the first in a series of collaborations between Empire and ERTH360, which you can tour in person, and features over 50 improvements to the standard new home. We continue to test new products, technologies, construction processes, and smart home systems.

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Our Founder

Andrew Guido

Andrew Guido

BBA, Building Biologist (BBNC)


Andrew Guido has followed his passions most of his adult life which have included fitness, food, and now wellness real estate. He brings a multidisciplinary approach to homebuilding, with a diversified business career spanning over 30 years that includes leadership and operating positions in the food, consulting, and real estate industries.

Andrew is a Certified Building Biologist and in 2019 became one of the first graduates of the newly created program by the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, focused on the science of healthy new construction. In fact, his instructors were trained directly by the institute founder, Helmut Ziehe. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the Schulich School of Business from York University in Toronto, Ontario. When he is not busy working, Andrew can be found baking organic artisanal sourdough breads.

Board Member

Board Member

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What Is ERTH360?

The "360" perspective looks both inside and outside your home. It ensures your indoor environment is as healthy and void of contaminants and pathogens as possible, and reduces carbon emitted outdoors that is contributing to climate change.

ERTH360 is committed to staying on the cutting edge of green building. ERTH360 represents innovation, pushing boundaries, and setting new benchmarks for home standards and solutions.

ERTH360 is committed to performance, ensuring that your home not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and wellness.

ERTH360 is committed to integrating technology and intelligent design into every aspect of your home, making it not just eco-friendly but also technologically innovative.

Where practical, our solution emphasizes the use of natural materials for a more sustainable and healthier living space.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Health & Wellness

We believe it’s everyone’s right to live in a healthier home that reduces exposure to harmful toxins, optimizes natural and artificial light, has clean drinking water, and pleasant acoustics.


We believe in building practices that respect mother earth, use as much renewable energy as is practical, sources sustainably harvested and locally sourced building materials, minimizes construction waste, prioritizes resilient design, and reduces environmental impacts.


We believe in including entry-level improvements focused on the essentials, in addition to more comprehensive solutions so that everyone has the opportunity to select healthier home options. We believe these should be modestly priced so that the greatest number of homebuyers can afford to live in a healthier and more sustainable home.

Five ERTH360 Advantages

Note: Some ERTH360 features are standard but others are upgrades.

Your living environment plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. At ERTH360, we believe home buyers should have the opportunity to purchase a new home designed with their well-being in mind, and homebuilders who have embraced that philosophy have a competitive edge . Here are some of the key advantages of ERTH360 solutions:

Building codes are primarily written to establish a minimum standard for energy use, durability, fire safety, and structural integrity. Health factors like indoor air quality, beneficial lighting, pleasant acoustics, resilience, and more are not party of these standards. Homes that include the ERTH360 solutions not only exceed building code but include features that improve well-being.

ERTH360 solutions minimize pollutants by using, where possible, low VOC materials. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals that off-gas at room temperature and can irritate lungs and cause long-term health issues. 2

These homes also come with additional operable windows and enhanced air filtration systems to remove dust, pet dander, smoke, mould, and some bacteria and viruses as small as 0.3 microns. We are also working on a solution for soil gas mitigation to address toxins that may penetrate the basement slab.

ERTH360 solutions can include moisture management systems to maintain 35-55% humidity. Humidity under 35% can dry out the eyes, skin, and throat. Humidity over 55% can lead to mould and pests. 3

Studies show natural light boosts mood, vision, sleep, and energy savings. 4 Where possible, ERTH360 homes will have increased window sizes, or provide the option to have larger windows in the basement, for example.

These homes can also include human-centric lighting design to limit blue wavelengths from LED lights that can disrupt sleep. 5

Public water meets safety standards, but in-home filtration offered by ERTH360 can further reduce chemicals, pathogens and improve taste and smell. 6

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